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Welcome to Vistar Foundation, Inc. PO Box 16866, Stamford, CT 06905 203.322.8974 email: Follow us on FACE BOOK.  Vistar is a (501)(c)(3) non-profit educational foundation dedicated to the power and potential of Collective Consciousness for individual and global awakening. All contributions are tax-deductible. We welcome your SUPPORTContinue Reading


Excerpt From: Peter D. Ouspensky. “In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching.” (Spiritual) knowledge cannot belong to all, cannot even belong to many. Such is the law. You do not understand this because you do not understand that knowledge, like everything else in the world, is material. It is material, and this means that it possesses all the characteristics of materiality. One of the first characteristics of materiality is that matter is always limited, that is to say, the quantity of matter in a given place and under given conditions is limited. Even the sand of the desert and the water of the sea is a definite and unchangeable quantity. So that, if knowledge is material, then it means that there is a definite quantity of it in a given place at a given time. It may be said that, in the course of a certain period of time, say a century, humanity has a definite amount of knowledge at its disposal. But we know, even from an ordinary observation of life, that the matter of knowledge possesses entirely different qualities according to whether it is taken in small or large quantities. Taken in a large quantity in a given place, that is by one man, let us say, or by a small group of men, it produces very good results; taken in a small quantity (that is, by every one of a large number of people), it gives no results at all; or it may give even negative results, contrary to those expected. Thus, if a certain definite quantity of knowledge is distributed among millions of people, each individual will receive very little, and this small amount of knowledge will change nothing either in his life or in his understanding of things. And however large the number of people who receive this small amount of knowledge, it will change nothing in their lives, except, perhaps, to make them still more difficult. But if, on the contrary, large quantities of knowledge are concentrated in a small number of people, then this knowledge will give very great results. From this point of view, it is far more advantageous that knowledge should be preserved among a “small number of people and not dispersed among the masses. If we take a certain quantity of gold and decide to gild a number of objects with it, we must know, or calculate, exactly what number of objects can be gilded with this quantity of gold. If we try to gild a greater number, they will be covered with gold unevenly, in patches, and will look much worse than if they had no gold at all; in fact, we shall lose our gold. The distribution of knowledge is based upon exactly the same principle. If knowledge is given to all, nobody will get any. If it is preserved among a few, each will receive not only enough to keep, but to increase, what he receives. At the first glance this theory seems very…Continue Reading

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THE SPIRITUAL SCENE TODAY Dr. Ron Friedman & Victoria Friedman Wednesday, November 13th, 7pm-9pm Wednesday, December 11th, 7pm-9pm Wainwright House, Rye, New York Join us in an exciting, fun-filled and highly informative presentation of the nationally and internationally known spiritual/holistic luminaries and their messages, insights and sacred activism. Participate in a Vistar Dialogue Circle followed by refreshments and great company. FREE REGISTER back to top POWER OVER TO POWER WITH An evening with Dr. Janet Warfield Friday, November 15, 2013, 8pm Stamford, Connecticut We invite you to a gathering in honor of our dear friend, Janet Warfield and her colleagues from Wisdom University. Janet, a seasoned spiritual journeyer, will share her experiences at Stonehenge, Chartre Cathedral and meeting many remarkable spiritual teachers. Enjoy music, delectable refreshments, wine, coffee, tea, interesting people, and stimulating conversation in an atmosphere of artistic elegance. back to top A SOUND EXPERIENCE Sunday, December 15th, 3pm-5pm Stamford, Connecticut Ron and Victoria invite you to join them and Ellen Mann, long-time student and associate of Kenneth G. Mills, in an afternoon honoring their mentor and beloved friend. Immerse yourself in sound and music meditations. Watch inspiring video of selected spontaneous Unfoldments™ that awaken Self-Discovery – Add your essential insights to this extraordinary gathering – Discover the Standpoint behind the Vistar Method – Enjoy the artistic setting, sweet refreshments and best friends. back to top 2013 CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION  HUB TELECONFERENCE Saturdays, March 23rd, April 6th & 20th 10:00am (PT) / 1:00pm (ET) REGISTER * Join Barbara Marx Hubbard with Victoria and Ron Friedman, Suzanne Hubbard, Bob Warner and Noel Marshall to discuss Hubs, Circles, Events and more as we continue to co-create a cutting edge community of evolutionary Leaders. This is a co-learning call for those who want to hear how passionate people all over the globe are coming together, starting and maintaining Circles and Hubs and reaching out into their local and virtual communities. Take part in a Vistar Circle led by Victoria and Ron.  Share your experience and let all know what you are doing. We are empowering each other supported by an invisible partner…the Field of Love. *INTERNATIONAL CALLERS – USE Mc Dialer – the FREE WEBCAST SERVICE from Maestro for anyone logging into the call with their computer from anywhere in the world.  But they  must be using a PC. Does not work on Mac. OR – SKYPE w/CALLER PAID OPTION –   the rates vary depending on the country, plan and amount of minutes on the call. If you have any questions, email Craig at back to top CONSCIOUS CO-CREATORS WEEKEND Learn the Vistar Method with Victoria and Ron Friedman, Pioneers in Collective Evolutionary Consciousness, and Celeste Mattlingly, founder of Center for Holisitic Empowerment Saturday, May 4th, 2013  10:00am – 5:00pm Sunday, May 5th, 2013  1:00pm – 5:00pm Center fot Holisitc Empowerment 3 Barnard Lane, Top Floor, Bloomfield, CT Cost: $125.00 pre-registration or $140.00 at the door. REGISTER PARTICIPATE, TRAIN AND LEAD VISTAR CIRCLES for personal transformation, co-creation and a sustainable global future. LEARN: The power and potential of collective consciousness New methods to create group synergy Practical tools to transform groups…Continue Reading


PAST EVENTS Event Honoring Dr. Kenneth G. Mills WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25 8:00 pm (ET)/ 5:00 pm (PT) Conversation Concerto Honoring Mentor Kenneth G. Mills (1923-2004) We will be sharing our illuminating stories of experiences with Kenneth G. Mills – his life-changing words, music, art and poetry. Special guests: Ellen Mann, Star-Scape Singer Rolland Smith, author and former WCBS-TV and WWOR-TV news anchor Claude Charlebois, photographer and “visual poet” Steve Mack, President, The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation    The Portal to a Vibrant Legacy   WAINWRIGHT HOUSE In conjunction with VISTAR FOUNDATION Presents THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE                                                                     W                                     Follow us on FACE BOOK. Continue Reading